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A Ribbon is awarded based on your character's lifetime. In BitLife, there are several different actions you can perform that impact what your life is like. Upon the inevitable death of your life, a grave and a ribbon will appear, telling you the stats of your life. The ribbon on the grave describes the life you've lived in one or two words. Currently, there are 40 different ribbons that you may get. When a ribbon is earned for the first time, it will be unlocked in your ribbon collection. There are 4 secret ribbons whose names and emojis are not shown until after they are unlocked however their descriptions are still known. When the app was first released, there were only 11: Academic, Fertile, Hero, Lazy, Loaded, Lustful, Mediocre, Rich, Scandalous, Unlucky, and Wasteful. As of April 2020, 10 more ribbons were added: Tarzan, Gold Digger, Monopoly, Movie Buff, Barbie Girl, Veteran, and Influencer; along with 2 new secret ribbons.


The most examples of collecting the ribbon is Mediocre.

Horse Races


The "Academic" ribbon.

Complete a postgraduate education

Difficulty: Easy

It is a yellow ribbon represented with a brain emoji.

Procedures to get the Academic ribbon:

  • Focus on school as much as possible by studying harder every year.
  • Once your character reaches age 6, read your books and at age 12, go to the library each year to enhance your smarts.
  • Attend university and keep on studying harder.
  • Go to Graduate School or seek other higher education such as Medical School after your character graduates.
  • Get a school-related job such as a teacher or a principal.

Notes: This badge is more likely to achieve if your character's intelligence is high when given birth. It is also important to keep your intelligence stats high. As of the School Update, this ribbon is now harder to achieve if you get expelled from school. As of Mind and Body update, this ribbon is now easier to achieve when you have more books to read to increase your smarts.

The "Addict" ribbon.


Die with addictions

Difficulty: Medium

It is a light pink ribbon represented with a pill emoji.

Procedures to get the Addict ribbon:

  • Go to the horse racetrack and the casino often. Make sure your lifetime winnings from gambling are less than 1 million or else you will end up with the Highroller ribbon.
  • Take drugs when offered.
  • If you have an addiction, never go to rehab.
  • You must die with at least two addictions to get this ribbon.

Notes: Becoming addicted to the substance is a random chance, but getting so is important to get the badge. Do not get addictions going to parties or clubbing, or you will get the "Rowdy" ribbon instead. If you go clubbing less than 10 times in your life, you will not get "Rowdy".

Barbie Girl

The "Barbie Girl" ribbon.

Go under many knives

Difficulty: Easy

It is a pink ribbon represented with a doll emoji. You have to be born as a female or transgender female to get this ribbon.

Procedures to get the Barbie Girl ribbon:

  • Choose a low-profile, yet decent-paying career to afford many plastic surgeries. Do not become an actor, singer or any career in that industry to avoid the "Academic", "Famous", "Influencer", "Rich" or "Loaded" ribbons.
  • Get every plastic surgery with the obvious exception of Gender Reassignment because you need to be born and die as a female, because if you do, you'll end up triggering another ribbon as a male.
  • Also you can be born as male and get Gender Reassignment surgery, then get every plastic surgery procedures as a transgender female to get this ribbon.

Notes: If your character had a botched plastic surgery, you will never get the ribbon; even worse, if the damage is too high which can result in death, you will also never get the ribbon.

The "Cat Lady" ribbon.

Cat Lady

Be a spinster, surrounded by felines

Difficulty: Varies

It is a creme ribbon represented with a kitty emoji. You have to be born as a female or transgender female to get this ribbon.

Procedures to get the Cat Lady ribbon:

  • Focus on adopting as many cats as possible and only spend time with your feline friends. You must own at least 30 cats throughout your life, and less than 5 pets of any other species.

Notes: You can have a maximum of three cats at a time if you are a non-Bitizen or do not have a house.


The "Cunning" ribbon.

Practice extreme Machiavellianism

Difficulty: Medium

It is a blue and pink striped ribbon represented by theater masks emoji.

Procedures to get the Cunning ribbon:

  • Commit a crime and get sent to jail.
  • Escape jail by doing a hard maze puzzle.
  • Get a sex change surgery (You need a lot of money or it will get botched).
  • Emigrate to another country (optional). This will help you avoid getting caught, but you still need to get a sex change to get the medal.

Notes: You may need to repeat the procedures above as you may get the "Mediocre" ribbon instead. It is also possible to get "Cunning" by committing few murders in one year and never getting caught, usually if the character dies under five years after one was committed, as it would lessen the chance of getting another ribbon.

The "Deadly" ribbon.


Be responsible for the deaths of others

Difficulty: Hard

It is a purple and black striped ribbon represented with a knife emoji.

Procedures to get the Deadly ribbon:

  • Murder a lot of people! The minimum is five people to get this ribbon.
  • If you get sent to jail but haven't killed enough people, you can escape by doing the maze puzzle. Its difficulties may vary through time, so it is best to attempt an escape once per year.
  • If murder seems too risky, you can hire hitmen to kill the number of people required to score the ribbon. Keep in mind, the hitmen must kill them and not scam you.

Notes: The easiest way to commit multiple murders is to join a crime syndicate, then commit the Extortion crime. When a victim refuses to give you money, you have the option to "whack him out." This usually has a high success rate.

Family Guy

The "Family Guy" ribbon.

Be an honest, loving father

Difficulty: Varies

It is a bright orange ribbon represented with an emoji of a father with kids. You have to be born as a male or transgender male to get this ribbon.

Procedures to get the Family Guy ribbon:

  • Have a family (A wife and at least two children).
  • Only have one spouse throughout your life.
  • Spend time with your children every year for at least 30 years. Keep your karma high by complimenting and giving money to family members.
  • Do not go to prison at any point.
  • Do not abandon any children or pets.
  • Do not have too many children to avoid "Fertile".
  • Use the "Spend Time With All" button a few times a year. Requires the player to watch an ad if they are not a Bitizenship.

The "Famous" ribbon.


Achieve fame in life

Difficulty: Hard

It is a gold starry ribbon represented with a camera emoji.

Procedures to get the Famous ribbon:

  • Get good looks. If you don't, you have to reset your life or get enough plastic surgery.
  • Sign up fo a social media accounts, but don't make too many posts to avoid getting the Influencer ribbon.
  • Get at least a million social media followers.

There is also a second way to get the ribbon:

  • Get a job as a voice-over actor or a porn actor.
  • Try to keep working harder and get promoted. Once you get a job as a lead actor, you will soon become a Movie Star!
  • Keep your looks high by going to the gym and taking manicures. If your looks are lower than 80%, it is recommended to get low-cost plastic surgery like Botox to keep your looks high.
  • There have since been more fame-worthy careers such as a singer, model, chef, writer, DJ, mobile app developer, politician, reporter and magician.

It used to be harder but still easier for Android users to get this ribbon, as "Fame" hadn't been added until August 2019.


The "Fertile" ribbon.

Spawn a lot of off-spring

Difficulty: Medium

It is a green ribbon represented with a baby bottle emoji.

Procedures to get the Fertile ribbon:

  • Have a lot of children through adoption, pregnancy of a partner or yourself, and possibly sperm donation. Your number of children multiplied by two plus your number of grandchildren must add up to at least 15, for example, you could achieve this through having 2 children and 11 grandchildren, or 5 children and 5 grandchildren. Having 8 children guarantees you will meet the requirements even if none of them have any grandchildren. Having/fathering 10 biological children in one lifetime gets the "Fabulously Fertile" achievement.

The "Generous" ribbon.


Gfit well and often

Difficulty: Medium

It is a yellow hearts ribbon represented with a wrapped gift emoji.

Procedures to get the Generous ribbon:

  • Gift family, friends, and other relationships every year at least 30 items.
  • Have much appreciated when gift them.
  • Never get into arguments.


The "Geriatric" ribbon.

Live for a very long time

Difficulty: Extreme

It is a silver ribbon represented with an infinity emoji. This is the second hardest ribbon to get in BitLife! You have to get at the age of 120 or higher.

Procedures to get the Geriatric ribbon:

  • If your character has any illnesses, go see the doctor and cure them immediately.
  • Keep your health and your happiness high to live longer, by heading to the gym and meditating If you are sad, 'go on vacation!

Notes: Make sure you have 100% happiness every time before pressing "age" when your character is 100 or older. If your character is at 90-99% happiness, meditate, go to the movie theater, or compliment your family members until you are at 100% again. Having and maintaining high health is also important but does not need to be 100% like happiness does.

The "Globetrotter" ribbon.


Travel or Emigrate many countries

Difficulty: Hard

It is a white worldly ribbon represented with an Earth emoji. This ribbon sounds like exactly what it is. This is very hard to get, as you have to emigrate a bunch of times and take a lot of vacations, basically to come to as many nations as possible. You must visit at least 20 different countries to get this ribbon.

Notes: Achieving this ribbon will need your character to have a high net worth, but do not make too much money or else you will get the "Rich" ribbon.

Gold Digger

The "Gold Digger" ribbon.

Get rich by marrying rich

Difficulty: Hard

It is a dark green striped ribbon represented with a pickaxe emoji.

Procedures to get the Gold Digger ribbon:

  • Having a high looks and stats and born in a wealthiest countries (such as Australia or Germany) is recommended to do this.
  • You must never have a job.
  • Use Freelance Gigs to earn quick money for use Dating app and wedding plan. Also you can steal items such as burglary or shoplifting to earn money as quick but not as many to avoid getting the Thief ribbon.
  • Open Dating app to find the partners at older age with highest money income (green bar) and start dating him/her. Gift "BitLife Bitizenship" to them and propose instantly.
  • Use God Mode to edit the partner with 100% money and 0% willpower (optional).
  • Propose and marry them at least 1 time or more. Plan your wedding at low-cost price (e.g Barn or Drive-Thru Wedding Chapel).
  • You'll get money inheritance at least over $1.5 million through divorce or widow to earn this ribbon.

The "Hero" ribbon.


Save a life or die nobly

Difficulty: Easy

It is a white ribbon represented with a superhero emoji. Another chance ribbon.

Procedures to get the Hero ribbon:

  • Be a good individual.
  • If you attempt to save someone (By intervention, not by police or fire department), you will get you this ribbon. If you die saving someone, you will still achieve it. Successfully doing the Heimlich maneuver on a choking relative can also get this ribbon. Unlike the SOS situations, there is no risk that your character can face and they will not die trying to save them.
    • Another way to achieve this ribbon if your character is deployed in the military is to fail the deployment minefield puzzle. To ensure you get the ribbon, fail on purpose and make sure it kills you. Failing the challenge but surviving the explosion will not count.


The "Houdini" ribbon.

Escape from prison many times

Difficulty: Extreme

It is a purple and navy ribbon represented with an unlocked lock emoji.

Procedures to get the Houdini ribbon:

  • Go to jail and successfully escape, and then do it again, repeat this as many times as you can. The way to escape is the maze puzzle. This ribbon has been made significantly harder to earn since the August 2019 prison update.
  • Escape at least 10 times to get this ribbon.
  • Do not spend too much time in jail to avoid getting the Jailbird ribbon.

Notes: Although you can enlist in the military or emigrate illegally, this can still be a risky move as there is a high chance that you will end up in a maximum security prison and, unless you are familiar with the layouts, this can make it much harder to earn this ribbon and run the risk of getting the Jailbird ribbon instead.

The "Highroller" ribbon.


Earn a lot of money gambling

Difficulty: Luck-based

It is a dark green ribbon represented with a dice emoji.

Procedures to get the Highroller ribbon:

  • Have a high net worth early on first.
  • Go gambling by heading to either the casino or the racetrack. Gambling is illegal in some countries, so if your character is born in one of those, they will have to emigrate.
  • Always bet the highest amount possible and try to win over a million dollar.
  • Make sure your lifetime winnings from gambling stay at 1 million or higher. If you lose more money gambling after winning a million, you may not get the ribbon. Sometimes it will get the Addict ribbon instead.
  • If you cannot win a million, at least try to have substantially more wins than losses and never bet the lowest amount of money.
    • As of October 18, 2019 the iOS glitch for saving money by closing and reopening the app while gambling has been patched, making it harder for iOS users. This has not yet been patched on Android.

Notes: The casino is recommended because Blackjack is relatively simple to play and win. The racetrack is pure luck, but at the casino, you can at least somewhat influence the outcome.


The "Influencer" ribbon.

Enjoy the life of a social media star

It is a sky blue ribbon with verified check emoji.

Difficulty: Hard (Easier since the Social Media update)

Procedures to get the Influencer ribbon:

  • Have a high health, looks and smarts. Sign up for social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok) when you reach at age 13.
  • Post a lot as many times as you can on the social media often every year.
  • Pick your correct posts, such as "Blog", "Challenge", "Dance", "Gaming", "Haul", "How-to", "Selfie", "Sexy Pic", "Skit", "Story", "Thirst Trap", etc. This helps you get more likes and followers.
  • Get more million likes and a thousands of followers and try to go viral!
  • Buy followers to increase them (optional, but not always recommended).
  • Promote your products to increase your chances of followers.
  • Monetize your account on YouTube if you have over thousands of subscribers.
  • If you have over a hundred-thousands of followers, get verified on social media accounts, then you'll become the social media star!
  • Get verified on all social media accounts and have a million of followers.
  • Another easy way to get this ribbon is you can be a fame-related career life such as actor, singer, writer or politician, verify on all social media accounts then repeat this procedures.

Notes: Trolling them too much will suspend your account for abusive behavior. Don't buy your followers too much because you'll get suspended your account for spamming purposes.

The "Jailbird" ribbon.


Experience several stints in prison

Difficulty: Easy

It is a black-and-white striped ribbon represented with a police car emoji.

Procedures to get the Jailbird ribbon:

  • Go to jail, escape, go back, and stay there for the rest of your character's life. Start riots, assaulting other prisoners and failing on the maze puzzle will lengthen your sentence and keeping you in custody. To get this ribbon may be easier if your character escapes more than once but not so much as to get the Houdini ribbon. However they must escape and go back at least once to avoid getting the "Scandalous" ribbon.

Notes: Dying in prison from a disease contracted there will help to obtain the ribbon faster, though it is not needed to get it. As of the Prison Update he ribbon is somewhat harder to achieve..


The "Lazy" ribbon.

Live an idle life

Difficulty: Extremely Easy

It is a blue ribbon represented with a sleeping face emoji. Another easy ribbon to receive. Simply keep clicking the Age button and keep ageing up. Don't get a job, don't go to the doctor, don't date, don't help - don't do a thing. Be lazy. Live to at least 50 years old without ever getting a job or joining the military. No Job Referrals that friend can offer you to get a job, just tap "That's not for me" button. Your smarts must be higher than 10% or else you will get the "Stupid" ribbon.

The "Loaded" ribbon.


Die insanely wealthy

Difficulty: Very Hard

It is a gold ribbon represented with a money face emoji. You must have a character with over 20 million of net worth. Following the Generations update, the ribbon has been easier to earn due to the accumulated money throughout the generations. With Heirlooms, having a rare expensive heirloom can increase net worth to a Loaded enough net worth to score the ribbon.

Notes: It will be more difficult for Android users to obtain this ribbon, as Generations are one of a few assets of the game that does not support Android but the Ketchup Update #3 added generations for Android users. If your character keeps winning the suit, you will get the ribbon. If they keep losing and it costs them money in legal fees, you will not get the ribbon.


The "Lustful" ribbon.

Be extremely promiscuous

Difficulty: Easy

It is a hot pink ribbon represented with a face with hearts emoji. To achieve the ribbon, do hook-ups and have as many lovers as possible. You must have at least 20 sexual partners.

Notes: Choose safely to avoid STDs when doing hook-ups. Otherwise, you may earn the "Mediocre" or the "Wicked" ribbon instead. "Lustful" requires more lovers than "Wicked" but STDs need to be cured.

The "Mediocre" ribbon.


Be completely ordinary

Difficulty: Extremely Easy

It is a golden-orange ribbon represented with a poker face emoji.

Procedures to get the Mediocre ribbon:

  • Contribute very little meaningful moments in your life. Do not press the "Age" button repeatedly or you will achieve the "Lazy" ribbon.
  • Do not have a high-paying job and don't try to get your stats up.
  • If you have siblings or classmates, get them to assault you to death as quickly as possible.

Notes: Dying by suicide or by diseases at a young age will not get the ribbon, you will achieve "Wasteful" or "Unlucky" respectively. It's one of the main ribbons on BitLife. You might also earn the Mediocre ribbon at random if you happen to be randomly killed by a terrorist attack, such as in Afghanistan or Iraq.


The "Monopoly" ribbon.

Buy houses and sell houses

Difficulty: Medium

It is a teal game board ribbon represented with a red house emoji.

Procedures to get the Monopoly ribbon:

  • The easiest way to get this is to become an exorcist, and buy haunted houses, exorcise those ghosts yourself, and sell them as regular houses, because once they become regular houses, they will have a higher price then when they were haunted.
  • Buy a lot of houses, renovate them as a good condition, and sell them at least 10 houses, with make a least of over $1 million from real estate profits. They will have higher price than bought as low.
  • Repeat this procedure until you make 10 million-dollar flipping houses.

The "Mooch" ribbon.


Ask of others and never give back

Difficulty: Very Easy

It is a light brown ribbon represented with a cupped hands emoji. To obtain the ribbon, ask your relationships for money repeatedly, even if they refuse to give you money or tell you to stop. You must ask for money at least 10 times, and never give money to anyone else. Following the August 2019 update, if your character asks their relationships for a pet, family/lovers can stop and it will make it hard to earn the ribbon so be careful.

Notes: Pets can be added that family members or lovers stop asking for a pet before achieving this ribbon.

Movie Buff

The "Movie Buff" ribbon.

Dedicate yourself to theater

Difficulty: Easy

It is a black film frame ribbon represented with a clapper board emoji. To obtain this ribbon, watch a movie (such as Comedy, Documentary, etc) at the movie theater every year at least 20 movies, be it with friends, family, loved ones, or by yourself. Requires to watch an ad to get if they are not have a Bitizenship.

The "Rich" ribbon.


Die with a high net worth

Difficulty: Medium

It is a purple ribbon represented with a dollar with wings emoji. To get this ribbon, achieve a net worth of at least 2.5 million, but less than 20 million. Having a good job will help, alternatively stealing money or gambling can also help as long as you do not do it too much.

Notes: Dying in a boating accident or being attacked by any weapon will get the Mediocre ribbon instead.


The "Rowdy" ribbon.

Live a life of debauchery

Difficulty: Medium

It is a yellow striped ribbon represented with a red monster emoji.

Procedures to get the Rowdy ribbon:

  • Go clubbing at least 10 times and always argue back if another clubber or go-go dancer argues with your character. Do not assault them as this could kill your character or get them another ribbon.
  • Never say no to alcohol or drugs. When clubbing, accept every offer. Being addicted is not required, but just take as many as you can.
  • Throw house parties and argue when neighbours complain about the noise.

Notes: Make sure not to spend too much time in Jail and hire good lawyers when you can, due to certain crimes like drug possession and supplying alcohol to minors. High net worth is recommended for hiring lawyers and buying houses for partying. It is possible to get the ribbon in just one year of adult life if you try enough. There is a chance your character may get an alcohol or drug addiction but it is not required that they do so to earn the ribbon.

The "Scandalous" ribbon.


Spend a lot of time in prison

Difficulty: Easy

It is a charcoal ribbon represented with a smiling demon emoji. Being aggressive or going to prison for at least 5 years is an easy way to get this ribbon. Criminal activities such as thievery and murder - but not too much murder! - are easy ways to ensure this ribbon. Be sure to serve your time, rather than escaping, otherwise, you may get other ribbons instead.

Notes: Characters committing crimes such as pickpocketing will get "Thief" if they do this too often. Escaping prison 10 times or more will get "Houdini". Escaping prison less than 10 times gets "Jailbird". Starting prison riots many times also gets "Jailbird". Killing five or more people gets the "Deadly" ribbon. Escaping once from prison and never returning or committing murder but never getting caught gets the "Cunning" ribbon. Be careful of other ribbons, such as Thief, Hero, Jailbird, Deadly, Bandit, Houdini, Cunning and Wicked.


The "Stupid" ribbon.

Live a dumb, idle life

Difficulty: Medium

It is a brown striped ribbon represented with a goofy face emoji. Having low smarts, never improving them, dropping out of school, making poor decisions when scenarios pop up, and overdosing on drugs will help obtain the ribbon. It used to be harder than it looks as a character must stay in the red zone on smarts. However, as of Mystery Update, characters are able to get the ribbon while having high smarts, as long as they died due to overdosing on drugs for iOS players.

The "Successful" ribbon.


Live a balance, honest life

Difficulty: Easy

It is a mint green ribbon represented with a thumbs-up emoji. Have a good job and have lots of promotions.

Procedures to get the Successful ribbon:

  • Have a net worth of at least £250,000.
  • Avoid going to prison.
  • Live to at least 65.
  • Avoid getting any addictions, if you do then go to rehab to get rid of them before you die.
  • Get good karma by complimenting, spending time with and giving money to family.
  • Don't abandon any pets.

Notes: Do not make too much money to avoid "Rich" or "Loaded". Attending universities and higher educations will help your character to get higher-paying jobs, but do not spend too much time in those to avoid the "Academic" ribbon. Do not completely spoil your family to avoid the "Family Guy" ribbon and don't be too perfect to avoid the "Model Bitizen" ribbon.


The "Tarzan" ribbon.

Bond with exotic animals

Difficulty: Varies

It is a orange-yellow tiger skin ribbon represented with tiger emoji. You have to be born as a male or transgender male to get this ribbon.

Procedures to get the Tarzan ribbon:

  • Be a male.
  • Have a under a millions of net worth without any debts.
  • Buy exotic pets from exotic pet dealer.
  • Focusing on spend time with your exotic pets. You must have at least 20 exotic pets throughout your life.

Notes: You'll need a Bitizenship to unlock to buy exotic pets from exotic pet dealer. Otherwise, it is impossible to earn that ribbon. You can purchase your own house to expand capacity of pets.

The "Thief" ribbon.


Steal from others, frequently

Difficulty: Varies

It is a neon blue ribbon represented with a racoon emoji. Hence the name, the player will have to burgle houses, steal cars and pickpocket people.

Procedures to get the Thief ribbon:

  • You must pickpocket at least one person, steal at least one car, and burgle at least one house. Additionally, your total number of thefts must add up to 10 or more, with stealing cars and burgling houses each counting as 2. So you could burgle 2 houses, steal 2 cars and pickpocket 2 people to get this ribbon.
  • It doesn't matter if you get caught; however, you must escape because you will get "Scandalous" instead if you spend five years in prison. Escaping 10 times would give you "Houdini", so try to avoid going to prison too many times.
  • Much of your character's net worth should be stolen money so avoid a high-paying job. Even if your character is not that rich, it is okay as long as a high fraction is stolen.
  • For iOS users, also you can steal the following: 5 burgle houses, 5 rob banks, 5 steal cars, 10 pickpocket people, 10 porch pirates or 10 shoplift items.

Notes: If your character sells two cars, you will not get the ribbon. Following in the Generations update. Sometimes it will get the "Bandit" ribbon instead if they only committed train robbery. This ribbon has been easier to earn since the January 2020 Crime Update for iOS users, so you must have steal at least 10 items.


The "Unlucky" ribbon.

Die young and unfortunately

Difficulty: Luck-based

It is a red ribbon represented with a thunder cloud emoji. While easy in text, the unlucky ribbon depends highly on luck.

Contracting fatal diseases, such as cancer, or succumbing to another disease at a young age or unfortunate unavoidable event and die below the age of thirty is how to get this ribbon. Many of the fatal diseases are contracted randomly when ageing up, but some can be contracted by your character's own doing, such as contracting rabies from an animal interaction or getting HIV from a one-night stand (must not have very many one-night stands to avoid Wicked). If your character is from either Iraq or Afghanistan, they could get the ribbon by falling victim to sudden terrorist attacks although there is a random chance that they will get a random ribbon that's not the Unlucky ribbon. Also as of now, also this can be earned after your character dies due to struck by lightning.

The "Veteran" ribbon.


Serve a distinguished career in the military

Difficulty: Very Hard

It is a blue, white and red ribbon represented with a medal emoji.

Procedures to get the Veteran ribbon:

  • Join the military as an enlistee or officer (requires enrolling University).
  • You must deploy mines successfully at least 3 times, If you being blown up by stepped into a mine and kills you, you'll get the Hero ribbon instead.
  • Promote to the highest ranking such as General, Sergeant Major or Admiral.
  • Reach until retirement at age 62.

The "Wasteful" ribbon.


Fall short of your potential

Difficulty: Extremely Easy

It is a brown ribbon represented with an emoji of throwing away trash. By far this is the easiest ribbon to receive in BitLife.

Procedures to get the Wasteful ribbon:

  • Go to the Activities screen. At the very bottom, a bright blue button reading "Surrender" with a white flag symbol will appear.
  • Select the option. The game will give a pop-up, asking you if you are sure. Select "Yes."
  • You can also get this ribbon by being sentenced to death in prison.
  • You can also get this ribbon if you get a job, but you still only press the age button.

Notes: Even if you live past zero, you can still get it if you surrender and don't do anything prominent in your life. The ribbon can also be achieved by dying with negative net worth if the average of your smarts and looks is over 50%. Dying by prison execution at a young age while doing nothing significant in the life other than committing the crime that gave your character the execution will also give them this ribbon.


The "Wicked" ribbon.

Be very cruel to others

Difficulty: Medium

It is a red striped ribbon represented with a frowning demon emoji.

Procedures to get the Wicked ribbon:

  • Do any of the following at least 5 times: spread STD to other people, abandon a child and/or a pet.
  • Never cure any STDs and have many threesomes. Argue with partners who do not want a threesome and cheat on them.
  • Do not spend too much time committing crimes as Wicked is not a crime-based ribbon, just a ribbon for rude people of bad character.
  • You can also abandon all your children to get this ribbon, if sex is a bit too hard.
Notes: Make sure not to have too many partners to avoid getting "Lustful".

These ribbons will show up as question marks until they are achieved.

Model Bitizen

The "Model Bitizen" ribbon.

Live an amazing life

Difficulty: Extreme

It is a red starry ribbon represented with a hands-up emoji. A Model Bitizen is an all-around good person who never gets into trouble or does anything to look like a bad influence.

Procedures to get the Model Bitizen ribbon:

  • Compliment people at least ten times.
  • Spend time with your children at least ten times.
  • Give money to your relationships at least ten times.
  • Have a net worth of at least 50,000.
  • Have at least 50% of karma.
  • Always calls the police in situations.
  • Never ask for money, insult anyone, assault anyone, go to prison, cheat on a partner, steal, murder, delinquency, spread STDs, or abandon pets.
  • Never get into arguments.
  • Never do anything that lowers karma.
  • Never have anything negative throughout the course of life, even one.

Notes: You do not need to be a Bitizenship to get this ribbon. Don't tap "Attempt to rescue him/her" button to avoid getting the Hero ribbon. Don't have over 8 or 5 biological children with 5 grandchildren to avoid getting the Fertile ribbon. Don't make over $20 million of net worth to avoid getting the Loaded ribbon.

Additional Note: There is a random chance that, even if you do not commit any crimes, you may end up being falsely accused by police and run the risk of being wrongfully arrested. Note that even if you have a large amount of money to afford a higher-end lawyer, there is a random chance that you will still end up in jail, thus preventing you from ever earning the Model Bitizen ribbon altogether.

The "Teammate" ribbon.


Become an app developer

Difficulty: Luck-based

It is a red, white, and blue stripe ribbon represented with a cactus emoji. To become a Teammate, the character must be from either city that Candywriter is part of and become an app developer, much like the BitLife devs.

Procedures to get the Teammate ribbon:

  • Be born in Tucson, USA or Miami, USA.
  • Major in Computer Science or Information Systems (The chance of the major appearing is random).
  • Become an App Developer, App Tester, or an App Mogul.
  • If the Computer Science or Information Systems major isn't available, restart.
  • Maintain the job throughout most of your life.


The "Bandit" ribbon.

Live like an outlaw of old

Difficulty: Easy, but timing is key

It is a jet black ribbon represented with a train emoji. To become a Bandit, the character must commit a Train Robbery at the exact time.

Procedures to get the Bandit ribbon:

  • Commit a Train Robbery
    • Do not alter the time on your device. This will result in Death by being run over by a train.
  • Do not make too much money in a career and do not gamble to make more to avoid "Successful" or "Highroller".
  • Have a net worth of under 50m to avoid "Loaded".
  • Do not start on a rich generation.
  • Only one successful robbery is necessary, making too much money robbing multiple trains can actually be counterproductive because your character could risk getting "Loaded" instead.

The "Big Boss" ribbon.

Big Boss

Finish your business career on top

Difficulty: Hard

It is a golden-orange ribbon represented with an executive emoji. To become a Big Boss, a player must be very successful in their company and career.

Procedures to get the Big Boss ribbon:

  • Major in Mathematics, English, Finance or Information Systems (The chance of the major appearing is random).
  • Go to Business School after your character graduates.
  • Get a Corporate-related job (Business Analyst, Internal Auditor, etc.) for 15 years, then work harder every year.
  • Become an Assistant Vice President after 15 years, work harder until you'll promoted to be CEO.
  • Have a net worth at least of over $20 million.